Why Costa Rica


Costa Rica is beautiful …

It’s a picturesque land with traditions, history, natural beauty, and our friendly, gentle people. You can find anything from sunny beaches, peaceful valleys, mountains with amazing volcanoes, to rivers and unique flora and fauna. 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is protected through private reserves, public national parks, and wildlife refuges.
The average temperature in Costa Rica is 22° C / 72° F. It has two main seasons, rainy and dry, but at the beach you can expect sunny, warm weather all year-round.


Costa Rica is unique in that it has no armed forces. They were constitutionally abolished in 1949 after a civil war. In the years following, Costa Rica has become one of Latin America’s most stable countries, both politically and economically. The funds freed up by the lack of armed forces have been put into education, public works, and public health, making this small country one of the most developed in Latin America.

…full of activities

Visitors can enjoy many activities such as hiking, rafting, canopy (zip-lining), camping, and rock and mountain climbing. At our Caribbean or Pacific beaches, you can also go scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, or swimming—not to mention just sitting by the clear-blue water with a cold drink and a book.


You can easily see Costa Rica on a budget. The national bus system is reliable and inexpensive, and hotels at most tourist destinations start at about $20. There are also numerous artisan markets where you can get souvenirs for a low price.
The cost of living is quite low. For example (approximate prices):

  1. Traditional lunch (with drink) at a local café: $6-7
  2. Fast-food combo at international chain: $ 5 – $ 6
  3. Dinner at a fairly nice restaurant: $10.50-$15.00
  4. Taxi service: $1.30 per kilometer
  5. Local buses: $0.50-$0.90
  6. Costa Rican beer at a bar: $2.80-$3.50

…neutral accent

Costa Rica has one of the most neutral accents in Latin America.  This makes it easier for our students to be understood in the rest of Spanish-speaking countries in America.

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