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About the TEFL Institute

TEFL Institute is the worldwide leader in professional TEFL certification and the training of international English teachers. Based in Chicago, IL, with course locations in 35 cities around the globe, we offer the finest in 4-week intensive onsite TEFL training courses,providing the 150 hour certification required to teach English in thousands of schools and language institutes around the world.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors

All TEFL Institute Instructors, for both online and onsite courses, are experienced university professors holding at least a Masters, and very often a PhD, in TESOL or a related field; all instructors have at least 10 years professional teaching experience and are selected through a rigorous process incorporating multiple interviews and live teaching demonstrations.

State-of-the-Art Curriculum

  • Designed by leading scholars and experts, TEFL Institute’s 150-hour certification curriculum provides the comprehensive skill sets required to succeed as a professional English teacher.

  • Primary topics include: major teaching methodologies used around the world; the cornerstones of English (speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar & listening); addressing the needs of students of different backgrounds, ages, and levels of proficiency; and lesson planning and curriculum development.

  • All TEFL Institute 150-hour courses incorporate a 20-hour practicum to provide all students with hands-on experience in a live teaching environment; our TEFL Professional online course is one of the only online courses in the world to incorporate such a practicum.

8 respuestas a TEFL Certification Programs

  1. jean carlos dijo:

    buenas noches quiero saber si puedo llevar curso de ingles los domingos
    muchas gracias –A–

    • NLA dijo:

      Buenas noches Jean Carlos!
      Para recibir clases los domingos tendría que ser en modalidad privada y a domicilio pero si se puede impartir clases. Saludos

  2. Gabriel Morúa Quesada dijo:

    Buenas tardes, quisiera saber el precio del curso TEFL. Muchas gracias. –A–

    • NLA dijo:

      Buenas tardes Gabriela:
      Gracias por contactarnos. En este caso nosotros preparamos para las pruebas de TEFL, sin embargo esto se maneja en clases privadas, le invito a que se comunique a la academia para brindarle mayor información 2224-5890 ó 2283-3385.

  3. Ibeth dijo:

    Me gustaría saber el precio del curso TEFL,en peso Colombiano y cuanto tiempo dura. –A–

    • NLA dijo:

      Buenas tardes Ibeth!
      Tiene un costo de $1400 dólares americanos, no sabría decirle en pesos Colombianos. Tiene una duración de un mes con 6 horas diarias de lunes a viernes. Saludos

  4. Ibeth dijo:

    me gustaría saber el precio del curso TEFL, en peso colombiano y cuanto dura –A–

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