¿Why us?




¿Why us?

Educational Environment:

• Besides providing the TEFL certification course, New Learning provides all kinds of language?? (including English of course) instruction; creating a unique learning environment for the student to aquire 20 hours of practice interacting with students and becoming familiar with a comprehensive educational experience.


Possible job opportunity in New Learning Academy

• Due to the globalization process, in Costa Rica, the English language is becoming a much more important asset to acquire good jobs; in fact, you could say that the English language is essential to work in the country. This means that there is a growing demand to learn or to improve, creating a constant need for new teachers. So,once you get your TEFL certification with us,  there is a very good chanceof becominga teacherworking withNLA!


Free Spanish Lessons

• If you do not speak Spanish this is your opportunity! During the TEFL course you receive an 8-hour Spanish survival course, and if in the future you form part of the staff of NLA, you can receive weekly Spanish classes as a benefit we provide for our teachers.




Free dance lessons




• Learn to dance Latin rhythms, including: Salsa, Merengue, Bolero, Swing and many more. During the TEFL course you can receive a total of 4 hours of dance classes. If in the future you work for NLA you can continue toreceive weekly dance classes, as another benefit for our teachers.






Free Membership Gym





• While you are taking the TEFL Course, you can keep fit at the local gym. They offer aerobics, spinning, and various exercise machines.








Free Tour



• Learn a little about the nature of Costa Rica while taking the TEFL course.We will take you on a trip to some interesting places in the country.


Life experience

• Experience a different culture; during the time you are in theTEFL course, get to know the life style called “puravida”.

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